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How to Quick start your Career as a Data Analyst & earn 6 figures salary monthly working in the tech industry.

you'll learn how to use Power BI for Basic Data Analysis in this video

If you have ever had an interest in getting into the booming tech industry but hate coding or other stressful work programmers do, then this is for you.

Benefits of being a Data analyst.

You get to work with big tech firms without having to write codes or do any of the stressful work programmers do

You earn 6-7 figures salaries monthly + other several bonuses

You get to work in a growing and fast-paced industry (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment for business analysts will rise by 11% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average job outlook growth rate).

Opportunity to connect and network with 9 figures business owners.

And so much more.​

What you will learn

Data Analysis basics - Learn what a Data Analyst is, what they do, and how they do it

How to use Power BI for basic business Analysis

What is Power BI

What is Data Analysis - Learn what it is all about and Why You Need it to help GROW your business and that of others.

How to represent the data creatively to make it easy to understand and use for your business growth.

How to Model Data Using Power BI.

How to Create Visuals For Your Data.

Business Intelligence Using Power BI.

And so much more.

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"Excellent training I got here. I passed my Oracle Business Intelligence in just one sitting"
Prisca Onugbe


Picture of Olabisi Abe

Olabisi Abe

Highly skilled in analysis, research methodology, conceptualization and data analysis, Olabisi Abe is phenomena.

Her work experience cuts across solving complex problems for private organisations. Her knowledge contributions have helped in over ten research and analysis softwares, making her exceptional in the game.


Picture of Tolulope Toluwade

Tolulope Toluwade

Toluwade is a highly skilled Data Science Consultant who has worked with multinationals, trained organisations and individuals on Ms Excel, Python and Tableau.


Picture of Niyi Moluga

Niyi Moluga

has over the years gained a wealth of experience occupying various positions and executing projects in the Data Management Space.

He is also skilled in Business Intelligence and has trained a number of audiences including government agencies, private organisations and so on. Amongst other skills, he is skilled in breaking complicated and confusing concepts into understandable bits for students to understand.