Sgdatanet is a technology based firm situated in Lagos Nigeria. We have grown overtime and built a formidable team reputed for skills and expertise in delivering practical hands-on experience to our clients and students.

Our Beliefs

Southgate is an IT company with a focus on implementing big data /artificial intelligence technology, products and consultation. Our wealth of experience makes us stand out as professionals in the following strengths such as artificial intelligence, robotic technology, machine learning technology, and analytics.

Another area of strength is in capacity development, we coach various clients both local and international. Most of our training are in the technology sector because we believe humans need to be empowered to run with the trends in technology. We don’t just train routinely, we believe that every customer is unique and we try to adapt our training to suit their needs. Most Of Our Instructors Are Qualified And Certified Various Technology Vendors To Enable Them Deliver Outstanding Training To Our Clients.We Don’t Only Train You and Abandon You, but We Build a Career Path For You Making Sure You Get the Required Set of Skills for You to Grow In Your Career

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands