SouthGate Datanet Training & Mentorship Scheme

Skills make you highly indispensable, productive and valuable.

We will prepare you adequately to become a Data Scientist so you can become valuable and land your dream jobs or you can become a consultant to Multinationals.

If you’re interested in taking a step further to become a FULL Data Scientist.

Then you can sign up for our paid courses.

They are highly discounted and affordable.

Skill Aquisition For Youth Corppers

Hello Corp memeber,
 I dont know if you are interested in becoming a data scientist.
We offer some free coursee and paid courses but your seriousness would determine if we should create this Whatsapp group
Some of the free courses we offer are
1. Microsoft Power BI(business intelligence )
2. Mocrosoft Excel for data analysis
3. R programming for Data analysis
4. Data modelling and SQ