Some reasons you should get trained at Southgate Datanet

  • Customized Training approach: We take the time to look at the process that operate in your work place and try to create a training that suits your technology. We work with your data and processes and create a system for the client.
  • Expert Instruction: Our facilitators are renowned and skill professionals with valid certification from various technology vendors, they understand the activities around teaching and training. Most of our trainings are hands-on training experience so that at the end of your training session you would have completed a project based activity
  • Flexible Learning Options: We consider that some clients have busy schedule and we try to organize our training time around their busy schedule to allow us maximize the time for optimum performance. We allow weekend trainings and week days
  • Student Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with your training or certification experience, you can re-take the same class for free.