Do you know why we are all victims of analyses?

Its human to make decision based on facts,history and information that comes our way.

The brain processes thousands of information daily in the bid to make decisions. We decide what clothes to where,what food to eat, what politician to vote for,what ATM to use, what’s the best route to drive to work especially in Lagos.

As an organization, you make business decisions based on some facts and most times it either gives you a profit edge or a downturn. As an organization are you making the best decisions ? Are you leveraging on history to predict the future? Do you harness the vast amount of data at your disposal to make profitable decisions that will increase your ROI.

Technologies comes in handy when you want to give your organization the needed advantage that would spark a ROI. Most of these tools are simple to use and can make the difference in the scheme of things for your industry. Why not give it a try, leverage on the various tools in business intelligence and harness the power of predictive analyses.

By Olaniyi Moluga